JUNE Favourites

June Favourites 2012

It’s not so easy to pick up my favourites! But I want to show you from now on my top FIVE of he month. The Crème de la Crème. The most beloved ones, the most used ones. The life safers and hero products which go along with me for a whole month.

I really liked in June:

– Urban decay – Primer Potion. What a trashy packaging… But thank the lord – owing to this eyeshadow primer I really enjoyed using eyeshadow since a long time! It really stays where it should and there is no bitter end on the lid.

– EVE LOM – Kiss Mix. The best. Makes your lips so super smooth and the menthol cools and plump them in a naturl way. You can wear it as a natural lip balm or as a shiny highlight on your lipstick. Ready to kiss!

– Deborah Lipmann – Mermaid’s dream. A real unique and beautiful colour, which stays for days and comes up so easily. It dazzels and sparkles like the surface of the water. And I really ever wanted to be a mermaid…

– Sisley – Eye contour mask. Puffiness will be gone with this gel. You can use it as a quick 10 minutes mask (and remove it with some cotton pads) or as a special overnight treatment. Like with every other eye cream in summer: better be stored in the fridge! So very refreshing after a long day in front of the computer…

– Paris Berlin – Le teint hightech. Miriam of Jacks Beauty Department recommend this  foundation to me when I was in Berlin. Now, I can’t imagine to live without this lightweight and oilfree everyday make-up. It has a natural matt finish without the spooky doll effect. I really like it at the moment because it’s perfect for every weather in crazy Hamburg (sun/cold/hot/rain/storm/…).

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