My brand new love is SAMPAR. Very Parisienne! And pretty in pink. With a tiny story in addition:

I was in Barcelona at Sephora. I had the badly feeling to do anything against my blemish prone skin and found a toner that sounds great. I just wanted a good moisturizer as an add-on and ask one of those lovley Sephora girls to help me out. She told me „Sure, I would love to do that! But let me first show you something, that is so much better than the toner in your shopping basket. Do you need something for your blemishes?!“ She showed my Sampar’s Nocturnal Rescue Mask determined. „Use this, if you need quick help with pimples or some blemishes, as long as needed. Stop, if it’s good.“ First I had some thoughts that I won’t need a mask at the moment… but then I felt assured and so I took the mask, the foaming cleanser ANDE the toner by Sampar.

The products smells like heaven! I am a skincare junkie, but these scents I didn’t know. I looked at the ingredients and understood everything:

… the foaming cleanser has cinnamon, lavender, savory, thyme, oregano, rosemary, cloves and sage in it and clears my skin so very well (even the daily make-up!) and leaves a perfect balanced super pure skin.

… the mist refreshs me every morning with Cornflower, lime-blossom and orange blossom waters and clears up my skin in the eve as a second step – I don’t spray it all over my face as in the morning – I spray it on a cotton pad and whipe it over my skin – even the eyes. A very uncomplicated product! Love it!

… the mask: my holy grail, mylittle helper, mein secret weapon and the unexpected favourite. It turns your skin over night into very smooth and blemish free skin. I try to use it once a week – or, if needed, some nights consectuive. I massage it in before I go to sleep and wash it away in the morning. With: lentil and horse chestnut extract, Vtamin F and soy proteins.

My skin improved so much by using these three products. Certainly there are many other facts or products that helped me so much – more coming up soon in a skincare-routine post. But to begin with – I am in pink Sampar heaven!

Sampar Masque de nuit
By the way: I got the moisturizer, I wanted first, as a sample and I truly love it. It’s the Barely There Moisture Fluid and it’s number one on my wishlist because it’s so gentle, a perfect foundation primer and mattify my skin all over the day. Perfect!


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