The Classics – Mario Badescu Drying Lotion (Spotted: Spots!)

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

Even if you have a great skin routine… beware of blemishes! Sometimes everbody has one… And here comes a dirty secret: I can’t keep my hands off pimples. And afterwards, of course! (as all the dermatologists say…) it’s getting worse and worse…

My beautician once told me „If you try to squeeze – girl, think of all the scars that will be there after a heavy inflammation on the skin.“ Woop! That was a strong one. „If you can’t leave it like it is – wash your hands, take a facial tissue and do something afterwards.“ She told me to use SOS-Stick von ALCINA and it’s perfect. You roll it over your belmishes and even if you have something on your back or your chest (it’s gettin‘ dirty again!) – with this roll-it-over-stick you can simply do something against it. I truly love it.

I think there is no overall miracle cure… but you can stop the inflammaton, you can dry out the pimple and most of the time it is gone after one night.

The Drying Lotion von Mario Badescu is able to do this. It’s a classic and a bestseller. It helps me to cure blemishes so often. It’s going like this: you dip a Q-tip into the little jar until it’s on the ground (where the pink powder is). Then you pull it out and dip dip dip put the solution on your spots. First of all you will look funny with all the pink little dots on your face and you leave it on your face for for one night. But afterwards, when you clean your face in the morning, your pimples will be gone.It’s hygenic and it works. I really love this amazing helper.

Mario Badescu is beloved by so many stars and models – all the American blogs are full with this amazing brand. The product range is huge and goes from head to toe. In Germany you can buy a lot of this stuff at Aus Liebe zum Duft (real good customer service!) or at BeautyBay (UK – worldwide free delivery!). Enjoy!

Mario Badescu - Drying Lotion

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