Best Travel Kits – Part one

Potpouris - Best Travel Kits

Once a friend of mine told me that she never buys travel sizes – just the original size, because it’s the same price. Hm. That might be true when it comes to high street products, but…. „But then you have no fun with travel kist!“ I thought. They give you place in your luggage (you will defintely need for Sephora) and give you the chance to test new product ranges in a whole week (or more). And beacuse it’s holiday time soon this is a „Best Travel Kits – Pot-Pourri„. With a lot of nice little travel bags! Enjoy!

  1. „Feed Your Hair Travel Kit“ by amika
    Buy it at Beautybay
  2. „Ila Travel Bag“ by Ila
    Buy it at Spirit Beauty Lounge
  3. Showergel-Set by Cowshed
    Buy it at asos
  4. „Jet Set Kit“ by aesop
    Buy it at the aesop webshop
  5. „Starter Kit“ by Philip B.
    Buy it at Niche Beauty
  6. „Skin Care Traveling Kit“ by intelligent nutrients
    Buy it at Spirit Beauty Lounge
  7. Marvellous Moisture Travel Pack“ by percy & reed
    Buy it at asos


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